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The Hit Mix

The Hit Mix

C$349.99 Regular Price
C$279.99Sale Price


Cedar Valley Pita Chips
Lesley Stowes Raincoast Crisps Cranberry and Hazelnut Crackers
Lesley Stowes Raincoast Crisps Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crackers
Baked Brie Cheese Dip Skillet
Snowdonia Spiced Tomato and Vodka Chutney
Snowdonia Balsamic Caramelized Onion Chutney
Round Bamboo Cutting Board
34 Degrees Savoury Crisps Rosemary
34 Degrees Savoury Crisps Cracked Pepper
Gourmet Village Toasted Onion Cheeseball Mix
Gourmet Village Spinach Dip Mix
Le Sauciflard No. 6 Red Wine Sausage
Le Sauciflard No. 3 White Wine Sausage
Drizzle Honey
Catherine’s Red Pepper Jelly
Catherine’s Antipesto
Castello Brie Cheese
Castello Camembert Cheese
Sonoma Jacks Original Swiss Cheese
Sonoma Jacks Parmesan Peppercorn Cheese
Snowdonia Truffle Trove Cheese
Felix and Lucie Cabernet Sauvignon
Wayne Gretzky No.99 Merlot

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